Microsoft Security in the Hybrid Workplace: 30-days to Zero Trust

Find out why Zero Trust in the Hybrid Modern Workplace is critical, now more than ever.

Learn how Identity, Security, Endpoint Management, Compliance and Azure Sentinel need to be combined to develop a strategic security plan to achieve a Zero Trust security model, regardless of user or app environment or location. 

Microsoft Security Webinar - Watch Now

Webinar Highlights

Security and IT leaders will hugely benefit from our 30 days to Zero Trust webinar, delivered by Yorktel's Security subject matter experts. Understand why organizations need to develop and adopt a Zero Trust security approach, appropriate to the current threat landscape.

We will take a look at which areas need to be addressed to achieve an environment where all employees and their various devices, regardless of location can access company resources appropriately and securely.

  • Identity - what it is and how it's secured, managed and maintained
  • Security - how real-time threats can be discovered and mitigated in your environment
  • Endpoint Management - why management policies are imperative to protect your data, company, employees and devices
  • Compliance - do you know where your data lives? An efficient and effective compliance management solution means you will be able to answer this and other questions that are crucial to assessing and monitoring IT risks
  • Azure Sentinel - why this bird's-eye view of your organization's security, using AI will enable you to see and stop threats

Key Speakers

Tracy Wetherington
Microsoft Modern Workplace Lead
Travis Hall headshot cropped
Travis Hall
Senior Architect - Microsoft Modern Workplace

Achieve More with Yorktel

There’s a reason that Yorktel’s customers and employees have stayed with us for more than four decades. Our core expertise in video communications is in our roots, not an add-on service – making us a trusted partner not only to our clients, but also to our channel partners who sought a team that really gets the intricacies and impact of video.

The world’s largest enterprises and federal government agencies rely on us to take them through their visual collaboration journeys, from initial consult and design to integration and managed services. Our numerous industry awards and certifications, including the international standard for information security management, ISO 27001 are testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our goal is to enable and facilitate collaboration – person to person regardless of device or location.

Enhanced Security Brochure

Enhanced Microsoft Security Solutions

In this solutions overview, discover how Yorktel is your truly complete end-to-end Microsoft Modern Workplace partner. 


Microsoft Partnership

As a Premier Microsoft Solutions Partner, our IT Managed Services experts have the technical resources to plan, deliver, and fully manage Microsoft solutions and services, quickly getting your users up and running. Our keen understanding of the Microsoft digital workplace environment helps us to guide organizations in making intelligent decisions about how to use their Microsoft ecosystem for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We also hold partnerships with other Microsoft Certified Partners, providing an additional layer of industry expertise to our clients.

Whether you’re a Teams beginner, a Power User, an IT Administrator or a Virtual Trainer, this webinar will help you get ahead and be more productive using Microsoft Teams.

You will learn:

  • Standardization: What is the best way to control and manage teams within Microsoft Teams to ensure standardization across your user base
  • Compliance: What are your compliance options – how to control access to document security and classification?
  • Security: How should you address security in general – do you want to allow external visitors into your environment? If yes, to what degree do you want to provide access?