Managing your Modern Endpoints in a Hybrid Workplace

What is Modern Endpoint Management and how it will defend your organization.

The number of endpoints within a Hybrid Workplace is increasing constantly, but all these laptops, smartphones, servers, IoT devices, among others are targeted by innumerable, increasingly sophisticated security threats. Without modern, adaptive Endpoint protection, antivirus software can be easily bypassed, leaving your entire organization vulnerable to attacks.


How to securely manage your Endpoints

Webinar Highlights

Your hybrid workforce needs access to all their apps and data, using their chosen device, at any time, from anywhere. You need to ensure this access is available, but without compromising security and ultimately making you vulnerable to security attacks. 

Modern Endpoint Management is a managed service which reduces cost, improves security, and increases productivity by freeing up your IT teams for other tasks.

Learn how to securely manage all of your devices including iOS, Mac, Android, Win 10 (including MTRs and Surface devices) and server operating systems.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • An in-depth understanding of Modern Endpoints and how they can pose cyber attack threats to your IT infrastructure and ultimately your organization, if not properly secured.
  • A live demo of Autopilot and the conditional access provisioning for the hybrid workforce's devices to show the detection, response and routine endpoint management capabilities that can be actioned from anywhere.
  • How to improve your End User experience when devices are deployed and reset.
  • Application management on endpoints.
  • BYOD – how to use any device securely to access data from anywhere, anytime.

Key Speakers

Tracy Wetherington
Microsoft Modern Workplace Lead
Travis Hall grey background
Travis Hall
Senior Architect - Microsoft Modern Workplace

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Enhanced Microsoft Security Solutions

In this solutions overview, discover how Yorktel is your truly complete end-to-end Microsoft Modern Workplace partner. 


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As a Premier Microsoft Solutions Partner, our IT Managed Services experts have the technical resources to plan, deliver, and fully manage Microsoft solutions and services, quickly getting your users up and running. Our keen understanding of the Microsoft digital workplace environment helps us to guide organizations in making intelligent decisions about how to use their Microsoft ecosystem for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We also hold partnerships with other Microsoft Certified Partners, providing an additional layer of industry expertise to our clients.