Learn how to bring together your Microsoft Teams meetings and existing collaboration technologies.

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Discover the Gateway Between Microsoft Teams and Your Existing Collaboration Technologies


You've deployed Microsoft Teams, or you're thinking about it, but how can you bring Teams calls together with your existing collaboration estate?

Without a gateway between them, you risk creating technology silos and needing to rip and replace existing equipment. Seamlessly connecting existing H.323/SIP collaboration systems with Microsoft Teams Meetings is imperative in order to maximize the investment in both.

This webinar with Vishal Brown and David Anstee focuses on how Yorktel's Gateway services enable interoperability and connect your Microsoft Teams and H.323/SIP collaboration solutions together for smooth communication.

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  • What is Cloud Video Interop, how a Gateway fits in and why you need this service. 
  • How a Gateway service can bridge any connectivity gaps by uniting solutions that do not work together.
  • How to avoid unnecessary expense ripping and replacing existing collaboration tools.
  • What Gateway options are available and the best choice for your organization. 

Collaborate & communicate seamlessly across all departments and with any collaboration tool.