Webinar - Finally! Unified Monitoring for Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms & More

The "Single Pane of Glass" Monitoring & Analytics

Virtual meeting room environments (ex. Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms) have become the collaboration method of choice, as organizations continue to shift between remote & on-site workforces.

Unfortunately, these environments include a mix of endpoints from both next-gen & SIP/H.323 hardware & software. As a result, today’s OEM-specific monitoring solutions fail to provide comprehensive coverage.

In this webinar we will discuss how our solution makes the monitoring, analysis, management & reporting of these end points extremely easy. As we are currently, the only provider offering single pane of glass monitoring & analytics for Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, & SIP/H.323 devices. 



    Noel Gish, Yorktel            Vishal Brown, Yorktel 

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• Provides robust, end-to-end monitoring and management of Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Room environments.
• Leverages an innovative blend of technologies to address hybrid network environments across OEMs.
• Reduces costs and increases productivity through single control panel monitoring.
• Drives decision-making through customized reporting and analytics.


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