Why unmanaged virtual events & meetings are unprofessional

Bring in-person standards virtually for greater impact.

Due to the pandemic, nobody should be a stranger to hosting virtual meetings or events, but when did accepting a lower standard become the “new norm?” To truly inspire your mobile workforce, events held in a Hybrid Workplace need to uphold the same level of experience for remote participants as they would in-person.

Whether it's an All-Hands intercompany meeting, shareholder's AGM, company training, Sales Kick-Off, CEO's address or any other event - in-person event standards do not need to be compromised because it's a virtual event. From custom, branded backgrounds, graphics and layouts to coaching, troubleshooting and full event management before, during and after your event - let us show you how we make this a highly successful event.

Watch today to learn how to achieve greater impact from your virtual and hybrid events.

Learn How To Hold an Impactful Virtual Event

What to Expect

Join us to see, first hand, how you can make your virtual events as impactful as your in-person ones, with our 5 steps to success:

  • Event Branding – Custom Backgrounds, Lower Thirds - showing names, titles and messages, Layouts, Graphical Content, Presentations, Transitions.

  • Pre, During & Post Event Support - Presenter preparation, consulting, coaching, dry runs, rehearsals, lighting, camera and environment recommendations. All to ensure a seamless and professional event for all presenters and attendees. 

  • Technical Execution – Our industry experts manage all in-event elements including the branding, transitions, presenters, voice-overs, mute/unmute functionalities, camera and presentation sharing and control, audio levels, video mixing and inter-platform connectivity. 

  • Metrics - Reporting and analytics of attendees, live and on-demand attendance and interaction. 

  • Post-event Production - including editing, hosting, supply of on-demand high-quality MP4 video recording of the event.

Key Speakers

Steve Fisher headshot
Steve Fisher
SVP of Media Services
Kenneth Piner
Kenneth Edward Piner
Director: Broadcast Media, FINRA

Achieve More with Yorktel

There’s a reason that Yorktel’s customers and employees have stayed with us for more than 35 years. Our core expertise in video communications is in our roots, not an add-on service – making us a trusted partner not only to our clients, but also to our channel partners who sought a team that really gets the intricacies and impact of video.

The world’s largest enterprises and federal government agencies rely on us to take them through their visual collaboration journeys, from initial consult and design to integration and managed services. Our numerous industry awards and certifications, including the international standard for information security management, ISO 27001 are testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our goal is to enable and facilitate collaboration – person to person regardless of device or location.

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Virtual Events Case Studies

In these case studies, discover how 3 organizations have been able to transform their in-person events to impactful Virtual Events.

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Virtual Events Brochure

In this overview, discover how Yorktel Media Services is perfect to run events for all of your Hybrid Workforce.


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